I need to change or reset my BT Email password

We recommend you use a different password for your email account/BT ID than you use elsewhere.

BT currently supports two email services. If you’ve opted to take free email as part of your BT Broadband or if you’re a paying BT Premium Mail customer then you’ll be using one of these services. Click on the links to change your password.

If your email looks like this, then you’re on BT Yahoo Mail. To change your password you’ll need to know the current password.

You're on BT Yahoo Mail

If it looks like this, you’re on BT Mail and will need to log in to MyBT with your BT ID. If you can’t remember your password for your BT ID then use the link below to reset it first.

Reset your BT ID password now >

You're on BT Mail

If you sometimes use a mobile device, tablet or email program to access your email, it’s extremely important that, having changed your password, you also update the password in all of the devices you use to access your email account.

reset bt mail and password

If you’re not sure which email service you’ve got, the easiest and quickest way to get help is to chat with us online. Click the button to get started.

Get help – Reset bt mail and password

If you’ve forgotten the username or password for a BT service, we can help. For security reasons, we’ll need to confirm it’s you making the request.

Here are some useful links to help you to reset bt mail and password :


My BT gives you access to view your bill, monitor your usage and manage your extras such as BT Cloud, BT Wi-fi and more. To log in to My BT, you’ll need your BT ID (your username and password).