Delete BT Mail – How to delete your bt mail? BT Mail Help

Delete BT Mail – Maybe you’re an account holder that’s given somebody else an email address that you no longer wish to be associated with your account or maybe it’s simply a case of you no longer needing your BT Mail address. Either way, it’s easy to delete BT Mail an address you no longer need.

If you’re the account holder, you can create up to 11 email addresses for your personal use or to give to another person. A gifted email address will remain linked to your billing account but becomes the sole responsibility of the person you’ve given it to.

An email address can be delinked or deleted at any time.

What’s the difference between delinking and deleting?

Delinking is when:

  • The email address has been given to another person
  • The account holder no longer wants the email address linked to their billing account

If the account holder has gifted the mailbox to another person, the only option available to them will be to delink it from their account.

Deleting is when:

  • The user of the email address deletes it
  • The account holder hasn’t gifted the email address to another person and deletes it
  • The BT Broadband or Premium Mail service has been ceased
  • The email address has been deleted following a period of inactivity (BT usage policy)

The account holder will only see the option to delete an email address if it’s linked to their BT ID.

  • Log in or sign up to My BT
  • Scroll down the page to Your Package and click on Manage your extras

Signing in to My BT

  • Click on the BT Email icon under Your Smarter broadband extras

Signing in to My BT

  • Click on Manage BT Email

Signing in to My BT

  • Select Delete next to the email address you no longer require. If you’re the account holder, this can be one you use yourself or one that you have created for somebody else

Deleting a BT Mail address

  • You’ll see a warning message. Click Confirm to continue
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message once the email address has been deleted

Deleting a BT Mail address

If your email address has for some reason been deleted by the account holder and they no longer wish it to be associated with their BT Mail account, you can still retain your access by selecting the option to move to BT Premium Mail within your email management pages.