change the password on BT Hub – How to setup it ?

Setup or change the password on BT Hub

Setting change the admin password on BT Hub for the first time is a fairly simple task. In fact, as soon as you switch on you Hub manager for the first time, it will prompt you to change its default password. There will on screen instructions for you to follow. If you had earlier set up your password and now wish to change it, the steps below should solve your issue.

In case you have forgotten your password, the override feature will help you set up a new one and will provide you with a password hint for the next time you forget it.

Changing a Previous Password

The Hub manager can be used to change the admin password on BT Hub. Start the process by opening up a new web browser on your device that is connected to the hub. In the address bar, type, which will open up your Hub manager. Here, click on Advanced Settings, then System. This will ask for the admin password, which you will find at the back of the hub or at its label. If you previously change the admin password on BT Hub and no longer remember it, it can be changed using the override feature with no loss to your personal configuration and settings. It will also give you the facility of typing in a hint for the password, which the Hub Manager will display for you when you ask it to.

change the password on BT Hub

Now, you will need to enter your password twice. This is a case sensitive password that should be between 5-20 characters in length.  Any changes that that have been made need to be saved for them to be implemented. So, click Save. If you are prompted that the password you chose is not secure enough, or not as strong as it can possibly be, the Hub Manager will give you tips to make the password stronger. Click Acceptance it will become your new password.

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